Mr. Prateek Mishra

Associate Professor

10 Years (Teaching)
Area of Interest
Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Data Structure, Mobile Computing, Computer Network, Operating System, Client Server, Object oriented modeling , Modeling and Simulation, Software Engineering, Cryptography and Network Security, Neural Networks
Paper Published
  • Prateek Mishra , C. L. Mittal , “Modified Algorithm for Mobile Host in MOBILE distributed system” 2011 ,Int. Journal of Advances in Eng. and Research Vol: 3,Issue :3 pp 234 – 240( ISSN 2231-5152)
  • Prateek Mishra , C. L. Mittal , M. K. Shukla “Software Fault tolerance improvement using Self-adjusted check pointing algorithm in a distributed Mobile system“IJCST Vol. 2 Issue 3. 2011 - ISSN: 2229-4333(ISSN) pp 815- 820
  • Prateek Mishra,C.L. Mittal , M. K. Shukla “Secured and Self-Adjusted Check Pointing algorithm for distributed System “International Journal of Computer Science and System Analysis(IJCSSA)” (ISSN: 0973- 7448)” pp 1425- 1433
  • Prateek Mishra,C.L. Mittal , Amit Goel “Correctness and complexity of Secured and Self-Adjusted Check Pointing Algorithm for Distributed System“IJAER” (ISSN:2231- 5152)” pp – 174- 179
  • Prateek Mishra , Jai Prakash “Metadata: In the context of Web” Journal of IPEM, Ghaziabad Vol. 1 Issue 2 , July-Dec 2007
  • Prateek Mishra , Jai Prakash “The Anatomy of Web Search Engine” Journal of IPEM, Ghaziabad Vol. 1 Issue 1 , July-Dec 2007