Software Engineering Course at APIIT

Software Engineering: B.E. (Hons) in Computing with Specialism in Software Engineering

Software engineering builds the foundation of IT industry. Each year organizations worldwide spend millions edifying incredibly complicated software systems that fail because, somehow, they do not satisfy the user’s requirements. This award adopts a systematic approach to developing high quality software systems that do meet the users' needs. Much of the content is practical in nature and aims to mould software engineers who are able to identify and solve real-world problems. Here in software engineering course you will be introduced to a variety of modern software design methods; innovative development tools; novel programming approaches; techniques for dealing with the human & technical complexity involved in specifying & building large systems; managing design & development teams; and measuring resultant software quality. You will study all phases of the system development life cycle with an emphasis on structure, requirements, design, programming and management in order to graduate as well rounded computer professional, able to progress your career as IT continues to evolve.

In software engineering, you will have acquired the knowledge and techniques to be employed as an application development and software engineer as required by a wide variety of companies and organizations.

Software Engineering Course Lab

The software engineering course will provide you with an introduction to all major areas of computing together with the necessary mathematical background. Emphasis is placed on the development of your analytical and practical skills necessary to start one of our degree courses. 
Subjects of study include:
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Games Design Project
  • Mathematics
  • Professional and Transferable Skills
  • Spreadsheets and Databases
  • Webpage Design

Computer Science is concerned with the understanding, design, implementation and use of computing systems ranging in complexity from the components of a single processor to computer networks as vast as the World Wide Web. It encompasses both hardware and software and embodies a wide variety of practical techniques supported by a strong foundation of theoretical understanding.

Software Engineering is closely related to Computer Science but whereas Computer Science encompasses both hardware and software, Software Engineering concentrates more heavily on the latter.

At APIIT, Computer Science and Software Engineering are treated as subsets of the wider discipline of Informatics which also covers Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. The Software Engineering aims to develop well-rounded graduates with a high level of knowledge and skills across Software Engineering, both practical and theoretical. The Software Engineering course aims to produce graduates with a deep and thorough understanding of both the process and the underlying science of the production of software systems and with the engineering skills required to design and implement them.

Each module in the Honours years is normally taught by a subject expert who is also undertaking related research, so research inevitably influences the courses. In software engineering, students will undertake a wide variety of practical exercises and projects which reinforce and build on lecture material. Communication skills, initiative, professionalism and the ability to work with others are developed as integral parts of the learning process.


This software engineering course will prepare you for a career in software systems engineering, including: solving engineering problems in computer systems; designing, implementing and configuring computer systems or software for application specific purposes; designing, constructing and analysing prototypes of electric circuits.

Typical careers include systems engineer, system administrator, software engineer, IT support engineer and digital electronics engineer. It is designed to provide the specialist skills, know-how and capabilities that are required of a newly appointed hardware and software engineer.

Graduates having the degree of software engineering are sought after by all industries that employ computer based systems i.e. from severs to specialist micro computers through to data loggers and embedded based systems.

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